The Philip Glass Center, founded by world renowned and highly collaborative composer Philip Glass, seeks to gather the world’s leaders in the fields of art, science, and the environment for a broad array of interdisciplinary activities including performances, seminars, and educational programs that inspire and motivate the public to become engaged with matters vital to the future of the natural environment and the quality of human existence. A program of the Center, The Days And Nights Festival, in it’s eighth year, is the Center’s first step towards that goal.

“The Glass Center will be our home – a place where artists, scientists, and conservationists will come to learn and work together to produce a culture of renewal for our time. This work will become a forum, which will contribute to the public good and finally, stand as a true cultural center for today and the future.” — Philip Glass


The architectural firm Carver+Schicketanz have compiled some images to demonstrate the proposed Glass Center. Click here to view them.

Our mission is founded on Philip Glass’ premise that interdisciplinary collaborations can expand imagination and produce understanding and discoveries beyond what can be accomplished by any individual discipline. According to Philip Glass and the founders of this non-profit, art can become a language to express scientific ideas, science informs predictions about the future of the environment, and both science and the environment can inspire the arts. These kinds of interactions also enhance the creativity within disciplines and makes education about each much more compelling. These fundamental understandings mean that there is value in creating a place where various disciplines intersect in ways that naturally lead to enlarged and innovative thinking and that produce collective genius. The Philip Glass Center aims to be such a place, conceived to generate projects and collaborations where, for instance, scientific ideas expressed through art spark a passion to protect the environment, which leads further to ideas about how to accomplish such a goal.

The Center has a strong educational mission and has made its first educational affiliation with the Cinematic Arts and Technology Department of California State University at Monterey Bay. This Department and its Chair Enid Baxter Ryce are devoted to training film students and creating films that have a strong emphasis on sense of place and the environment.